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Are they totally missed the seven wonders of the ancient world? (Small tresaures series)

(Spanish version)

The Seven Wonders of the World, a collection of works of humanity that are at the magnificent man-made in antiquity. Aside from the fact that its classification corresponded Greek centric vision of the world when this classification was developed. It is less clear whether they have been part of the collective imagination. Number one are the Pyramids of Egypt, which is the only of them that remain standing, despite the depredations that have undergone throughout history. The others have disappeared and we have no reference or very few of them.

Statues from Halicarnassus [A630-2146]
Statues from Halicarnassus [A630-2146] (Photo credit: Juan N Only)
The Pyramid of Giza
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
The Colossus of Rhodes
The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
The Lighthouse of Alexandria

For example of the Hanging Gardens for years doubted his existence, but modern excavations seem to confirm that they were actually built.

To get an idea of ​​what were sometimes complicated, a representation in a currency of the time, the description of a contemporary author and of course there’s always the boundless imagination of cinema, although typically dedicated to the Pyramids, the Colossus of Rhodes.

But today I would like us to stop at the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (Halicarnassus was located in what today is known as Bodrum in Turkey). And it was the tomb of Mausolus Satrap (although some sources appears as King). Hence, from the time the graves they had a gorgeous and sumptuous, be known by the name of Mausoleum.

The Mausoleum according to historical references he calculates a height of more than forty meters and endured the invasion of Alexander the Great, the Arabs … but an earthquake destroyed it in 1404. Like almost all the monuments that have fallen by earthquakes in the fifteenth century, and had endured standing over a thousand years is usually the reason was that the marble buildings were secured by metal pins. And a from the invention of modern guns much of that metal was used for artillery armies. Whereupon coming an earthquake and were a “loose stones” crumbling structure.

In 1522 these crumbling stones were used by the Knights of the Order of St. John to repair the Castle of San Pedro de Halicarnassus

Now if we get a composition of the awesomeness that was the Mausoleum from my personal experience, the best place is London. And specifically the British Museum.
Many of you will be missed, but will devote some space to this in more detail later on the reasons for the prominence of the UK and London in particle in this aspect.

Personally I recognize that London has an impressive network of museums, my favorite being the British Museum, even if I know I will be little time, I try to leave a gap in my schedule to visit some room.

For me, if I take the subway, the easiest option is to get off at Totenmham Court Road, at the end of Oxford Street. Up North on Totemham Court Road and take the first right cross and go to the east, and walked about six minutes we find the main entrance of the British Museum.

Horse from Halikarnassos

Our goal in this visit is the Hall 21, who can not imagine his name, because if “Mausuleum of Halicarnassus”. Personally I have fallen in love with a piece of sculpture, the head of a horse that was an embellishment, otherwise leave it to your imagination

Paris is more than the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame (SMALL TREASURES SERIES)

Sainte Chapelle - Upper Chapel, Paris, France
Sainte Chapelle – Upper Chapel, Paris, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Versión en Castellano)

When one evokes Paris, the iconic image of the Eiffel Tower is the first thing that comes to mind. Even when a movie we want to make a composition of place to say that the action takes place in the City of Light, the first thing that appears is a frame in which the aforementioned tower appears in more or less detail. And that the Eiffel Tower was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1889. Which means a little time in the history of an ancient city known since Roman times and founded by the tribe of Gauls Parisi.

Along with the Eiffel Tower we have another series of iconic landmarks such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame inevitably associated with the famous novel by Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Arc de Triomphe in the Place de Etoile.O and if we talk about neighborhoods like Montmartre artists or even the Moulin Rouge are earlier in the collective memory of the little treasure we will discuss in this article

Just from the main entrance of Notre Dame headed toward the Archeological Crypt of Notre Dame and took the Rue de la Cite to the right on the left side of the street and we turn left when you find the Rue de Lutece and found at the end of the street with the Court. In there is the jewel of Gothic overshadowed by the nearby presence of Notre Dame. La Sainte Chapelle.

Ordered built by Louis IX in 1242 and 1248, later canonized as St. Louis, to house the relics of the Passion of Christ of which the best known is the Crown of Thorns, but also part of the Spear, sponge and other relics of the Passion of Jesus Christ acquired Emperor Baldwin II of Constantinople.

Log in Sante Chapelle is a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the finest works of florid Gothic. The ground floor was reserved in the Middle Ages to the people and the servants.

Of all the people with whom I shared the experience of entering the Sainte Chapelle are very similar, when one enters the lower chapel is like a ship in the proportions and decoration, obviously is restored, as during the French Revolution was a building that suffered damage. In 1846 it was decided to perform the restoration, which is led by the architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, famous for its medieval restorations, which respects the original decor.

But the apotheosis happens when you ascend the spiral staircase to the upper chapel (Chapelle Haute), it feels that it has entered into a kaleidoscope. Surrounded by more than six hundred square meters of windows where blues dominate, with golden columns and representation of the starry sky in the vaults, with themes of Genesis, Exodus … And makes one think, you paid more for the relics (100,000 pounds) that wanted to keep inside of this building so that its construction cost (40,000 lbs)

And that makes me think that the most important thing is, that spiral staircase, which allows us to rise from the lower chapel, for five

English: Interior of the Sainte-Chapelle, Paris.
English: Interior of the Sainte-Chapelle, Paris. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

hundred years since there was no such access, because the common people did not have the right to see what we see now with our eyes. Because access was only for the king and his court from a direct entrance from the palace.

De como volar con Ryanair y no frustrarse en el intento

English: I Took This Photo
Boeing 737 de Ryanair en el Aeropuerto de Manchester

(English Version)

Queramos o no, nos encontraremos cada vez mas con la posibilidad de viajar en compañías de bajo coste. Sobre todo si vives en un lugar como Canarias que las alternativas de medios de transporte son mínimas comparadas con un territorio continental.

Daremos por supuesto que ya son los afortunados propietarios de un billete de avión a un precio supereconómico y que han sorteado el campo de minas que es la página de Ryanair, a la que dedicaremos posteriormente una guía. Ya que a veces conseguir un billete aparentemente económico es una labor más ardua que la que tuvo Frodo en su viaje a Mordor

Lo primero que tenemos que saber que la odisea empieza en nuestra casa teniendo que imprimir las tarjetas de embarque. Ya que si accedemos al mostrador de Ryanair por el hecho de que la impriman ellos tienes que pagar una multa por no haberlo hecho de 60 € o 60 £, vamos que si regresas desde el Reino Unido la “penalidad” (de ahí mi referencia a Frodo), como llaman a las infracciones es los procedimientos que realizas como cliente, es mayor por el cambio de moneda. A favor de Ryanair hay que decir que continuamente están avisando por email de todas las condiciones que exigen para volar con ellos. Por lo que como consejo fundamental es una compañía recomendable para aquellas personas que revisen el buzón de su email a diario y aquellos que padecen de fobia tecnológica deberían abstenerse de usarla.

Ahora si tu vuelta es superior a los quince días, que es el plazo máximo para obtener las tarjetas de embarque, planifica como las vas a imprimir porque te puedes encontrar con la sorpresa de que no encuentres la forma de hacerlo y te encuentres a tu regreso con que tengas que pagar la “penalidad”

Recordar que cuando imprimas las tarjetas de embarque realizarán un nuevo intento para que adquieras alguno de los complementos que intentaron colarte en el momento que hiciste y pagaste la reserva en su página web.

Bueno ya tienes tu tarjeta de embarque y llega el momento de preparar el equipaje, y te especifican que solo puedes llevar una maleta que no pese más diez kilos,  y que sus medidas no superen los 55 por 40 por 20 cm. Por supuesto ellos te venden una maleta oficial para que no tengas que medir la tuya por el módico precio de 89 €, lo de módico es un sarcasmo. Es decir que si llevas un maletín con ordenador,  olvidate de llevarlo por separado, metelo en maleta. Si llevas un bolso, mételo maleta. Así que si eres de los que te gusta traerte recuerdos olvidate de ir con esta compañía.

Ten en cuenta que ni siquiera has olido la terminal del aeropuerto, y mira todos los preparativos que has hecho, realmente nadie regala duros a cuatro pesetas. Viajar con una compañía low cost, o ultra low cost como se define Ryanair es un cambio de paradigma y significa un proceso de adaptación.

Ryanair B737-800 Cabin
Ryanair B737-800 Cabina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Después de todos estos preparativos previos ya te encuentras en la puerta, si tienes la suerte de que embarques por un finger lo que hace la gente por regla general es colocar su maleta en la puerta de embarque y a medida que van llegando van formando una fila con los equipajes de mano. Lo que permite organizar la entrada. Si este no fuera tu caso que es lo más habitual, te trasladan en una jardinera y la subida al avión es como cuando vas en el autobus. El primero que llega es el primero que elige.

Ya sentado te queda la última muestra de paciencia, y es que los vuelos de Ryanair son más lentos. Como dicen: Vuelan a la velocidad mínima para que no se caigan los aviones