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How to get a ticket for the best price on the Ryanair website (Part One)

96 Leather Passport Airline Ticket Holder
96 Leather Passport Airline Ticket Holder (Photo credit: ExecGifts)

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Actually the title should not be that, but how to get the cheapest ticket for a plane flight. It must be said that Ryanair are experts in selling tickets for flights when in fact sometimes they are not.

The first thing, every ticket buyer you should do is calculate the real value of the cost, since leaving the door of his house until the point at which to stay. The reason we say this is that many of the Ryanair destination airports are not actually located in the geographical area they describe. For example if you go to London the destination airport  Luton or Stanstead may be, with which the connections to central London public transport can be scarce and expensive compared to other area airports. Also if you check luggage calculates the franchise with a traditional company, and you may find that once you add in all the additional fees for Ryanair, the ticket is more expensive than if you go with a company that is not low cost. And this is not about that either choice is bad, but you get the most for the money you pay.

So the first step should be to make a sounder than it costs you the flight path from zero up to the place where the bed will be the place of destination, for me you would with the following

Cost of transportation to the airport. (In case that flights departing from different airports)
Ticket Cost (discussing the baggage allowance, costing bill, get boarding or seat reservation)
The size of hand luggage
Average waiting time for checked baggage on arrival
Time and cost of getting to your accommodation

The cost of transport to the airport is usually easily obtainable based on previous experience. Concerning the cost of the ticket for the extra baggage we can get at this link

As an example a ticket with Ryanair from Stansted to Madrid to baggage allowance of 20 kg and reservation priority boarding, in addition to the charge for credit card sale € 179.50. If you use the shuttle service the amount is € 195.60 with journey time to central London in 75 minutes. The cheaper one is a traditional airline ticket from Madrid to Heathrow for an amount of € 219.08 and the cost of the Heathrow Express ticket for 40.00 € with a duration of 15 minutes to central London. That is 195.60 against 259.08 and an additional trip in the most economical two hours longer to transport.

What if the date to come over to our search and instead of looking for a more than a month in advance we just fifteen days in advance. There the Ryanair ticket with the same conditions is

English: Ryanair (EI-DWF) Boeing 737-800 aircr...
English: Ryanair (EI-DWF) Boeing 737-800 aircraft, London Stansted Airport, Essex, England, July 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

raised € 261.19. However in some company can get ticket to Heathrow for € 237 plus € 40 for Heathrow Express makes a total of 277 €. And when you consider the two hours of time over which we can have in London, due to time savings in transportation to our final destination, it is not so clear in this case that Ryanair is the most economical option, but if the cheaper.

The main thing is to stop and across to compare all that goes on a journey and not just the price of the plane ticket.

To find the price of a taxi can use a website that allows worldtaximeter type estimate for a custom tour for us to cities around the world, and we can do internet searches using the name of the airport and shuttle bus words to access websites shuttle services between airports and nearby cities. giving information on fares, schedules and travel time

For a next post will give an explanation on the web to buy Ryanair and show our admiration for her as a system of self-purchase by us users.