Africa Andando (Walking Africa)

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When I wanted to create this blog, the main idea was and is to give a look at the world differently, both when traveling, as you have to watch closely.

Looking around you, being a seeker, an explorer of life is an attitude that is learned and you create it especially those that motivate you and give example of this in your youth.

You want that new generations find people how you found  and caused you to look at the world around differently.Sometimes you think you have to travel great distances, meet with personages in caves in the Himalayas or in a temple in India, but often transcendent people are often closer to you than you think. In your journey through life you meet people that motivate you to know, and especially see that motivate new generations, the first time I met Cristobal Nuñez was during a scuba dive, When we finish the dive I noticed that his vehicle had a sticker that said “Africa Andando”. Asking why that sticker was opening a door, not so much in words but rather in their gestures of passion in what for him is Africa Andando. He  talked to me about the project that was budding at that time and that was to take place a few weeks after months of intense preparation with his team and a group of young Canaries and Cape Verde between late August and early September 2012

Expedition 2011 Africa Andando at Senegal (Click to see larger version)
Expedition 2011 Africa Andando at Senegal (Click to see larger version)

“Africa Andando” website described itself in the following words: “Africa Walking is an educational program that develops through expeditions to African countries in our environment, which seeks to strengthen the values ​​of coexistence and multiculturalism and pursues closer the bonds of friendship, understanding and cooperation between the Canary Islands and Africa. An awareness program for young canaries, Senegal, Cape Verde and Morocco. “

I asked Christopher to tell us how it was the seed of this project, from which came the inspiration to do it:

“Since I was a teenager my interest in traveling and knowing new people and places gradually became a necessity, perhaps even more to live on an island territory hindering mobility, do not know.

Also relevant is the fact that for more than twenty years linked to non-formal education of youth through the Scouting movement, which even today still actively linked, based on values ​​education.

My restless spirit relate interested in travel, sports in nature, and promote diversity in future generations the values ​​of responsibility, solidarity, cooperation but also the culture of internationalization ( especially when we live in an archipelago) think it is the mix that explains a lot.

For various reasons I started traveling to Africa and repeatedly to some West African countries coming to our islands.

Over the years, as I have also been discovering and learning more about the diversity and potential of Africa, I have come to a conclusion about a project like Walking Africa has much to contribute.

Canary is doomed to interact with neighboring countries, whether for economic, geographic, or other. Historically this has been necessary not because we looked to America and Europe, so there is great mutual ignorance between the Canaries and Africa. However, the European benchmark Islands are closer to Africa and the bridge to the continent comes to Europe and America. Young people are the future and you have to get to that age arouse interest in the international context, specifically consideration and sensitivity to these countries. Thus will be more effective relationships. “

Well when you started the project and that objectives:

“Walking Africa emerged in 2009 with the idea of ​​bringing Africa to the Canary Islands with a project that would know the reality of the continent, not only their problems but also their strengths and spark interest in young people meet and network with other peoples and cultures

We take an age instrumental in the development of youth, the 16, 17, to cause a very powerful experience of coexistence and discovery. The format of the expeditions, is what allows us to make Africa Walking a unique, unrepeatable and truly transformative to the

English: Map of the Canary Islands in Africa
English: Map of the Canary Islands in Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

objectives pursued. “

This year 22 to June 8 visit Morocco, and when present this article, will be in the third phase consisting of information days and personal interview with the shortlisted candidates.

We look at that time, because as in all previous trips, they have made the African continent they will share their experience with us through their website, which we will be very attentive these days

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