In the search of the fifth taste (little treasures series)

(Version en Castellano)

When starting a trip, usually the sense that you use more is the sight. We are looking forward to everything that surrounds us, and only when we relax and allow ourselves, we realize that sensory stimuli reach the new place for more channels than the visual.

We believe that a stimulating place to be an exotic destination, with cultures totally different from ours … But one of the most challenging for my senses are not across the planet, but much closer.

I’ve been lucky enough to get to the place we talked about the Mar. I think is not the same reach Naples by a conveyance that allows you to contemplate its spectacular bay, with Vesuvius on the horizon cut and Capri to other side.

Naples overwhelms you sensually, not let a break. Is southern Italy and therefore is a place full of archetypes, where suddenly you see represented Italy in the films of Fellini with clothes hanging on ropes that go from side to side of the street.

In Naples is prohibited relax, traffic rules have been broken, both by pedestrians and vehicles, crossing a busy street can become an adventure, passing vehicles behind and in front of the pedestrian, the advantage of this short opportunities, giving brief respite from traffic, to advance to the destination, which is in oposite side of the street, vehicles moving in the opposite direction down the street and suddenly throughout this morass, you come to a street where no traffic seems to be an atmosphere of village and not that of the second largest city in Italy.

Naples and just so not only stimulates the eye but the ear, but here we really want to talk about the taste and possibly think that I want to mention pizza, of which Naples is the birth place, giving the name of the famous Pizza Margarita on in honor of the Queen of the same name as its composition carries the colors of the Italian flag. Red by tomato, mozzarella white, and green basil. But for me the most special moment of the day is when you get close to the Via Toledo to the Galleria Umberto I.

Español: Fachada de la Galería Umberto I, Nápoles
Galleria Umberto I

Many people remember a similar one in Milan. Around mid-afternoon, the entry that is close to this street forms a tail that begins in a small bakery, “Sfogliatella Mary”. This is one of the places on the planet where you can discover the fifth taste, which the Japanese call umami. That feeling you get when you take a bath in hot water after a stressful day or when you try something exquisite and your throat get a aaaahhh!! characteristic. To feel the fifth taste it is best at this time of the evening, with my favorite pastry of Naples, the sfogliatella freshly made. Feel the crisp crust on contact with your teeth, and gradually feel the noise that makes the bite, feeling the warm custard caresses your palate, while notes feel vanilla, powdered sugar mixing with the taste of puff and feel that this aaahhh! out of your throat.

Sfogliatella Santarosa
Sfogliatella Santarosa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you can see traveling is not just seeing new places but feel new things.

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