How to fly with Ryanair and not get frustrated in the attempt

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Like it or not, we will find more and more with the posiblity to travel on low cost airlines. Especially if you live somewhere like the Canary Islands, where transportation alternatives are minimal compared with the mainland.

We will assume that you are the lucky owners of a ticket at a superlower price and have weathered the minefield that is the page of Ryanair, which subsequently devote a guide. Because sometimes get a ticket, economic apparently, is a more arduous task than had Frodo Baggins on his journey to Mordor

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, named Nyköping, take...
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, named Nyköping, takes off from London Luton Airport, England. (2007) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first thing we need to know that the odyssey begins in our house having to print boarding passes. Because if you access the Ryanair desk and they print your boarding pass you have to pay a fine of € 60 or £ 60, if you return from going to the UK “penalty” (hence my reference to Frodo), is greater due to currency exchange. In favor of Ryanair must say that they are continually warning email to everybody the conditions required to fly with them. As far as fundamental advice is a company mainly recommended for people who check their email mailbox daily and those with technological phobia should refrain from using it.

Now if your return is more than fifteen days, which is the maximum time to obtain boarding passes, as you plan to print, because you can find with surprise that can not find the way to do it and you find your Return to have to pay the “penalty”

Remember that when you print boarding passes made another attempt to acquire any of the supplements that attempted sneak in the time you made the reservation and paid on its website.


Well you have your boarding pass and it’s time to pack our bags, and they specify that you can only take one bag weighing no more than ten kilos, and that maximun dimensions do not exceed 55 by 40 by 20 cm. Of course they sell you an official suitcase  to not have to measure yours for the small price of 89 €, which is a modicum of sarcasm. So if you carry a briefcase with computer, forget to take it separately, put it in suitcase. If you carry a purse, put it in the suitcase. So if you are someone who likes you bring souvenirs, forget about going with this company.

Note that you have not even smelled the airport terminal, and see all the preparations you have done, nobody really gives a free lunch hard. Traveling with a low cost company, or ultra low cost as defined Ryanair itself  is a paradigm shift and it means a process of adaptation.

After all these preparations before you are already in the door, if you are lucky enough to shipments by a passenger boarding bridge what do people generally is to put your suitcase on the gate and go as they arrive in a line with hand luggage. What can arrange entry. If this is not your case is the most common, you move at a shuttle and boarding the plane is like when you go on the bus. The first to arrive is the first to choose.

Finally, sitting, you still show patience, and that is that Ryanair flights are slower. As sombeody said: Serve the minimum speed for airplanes not falling

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